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Belgium Blocks

Belgium Blocks, originally used in Europe's cobblestone streets, have become a sought-after option for creating charming driveways, walkways, and edging. These blocks are characterized by their rugged, irregular shapes and natural beauty. They offer a touch of Old World elegance to contemporary designs and are known for their longevity.

Available Sizes

Belgium blocks will vary an 1” in dimensional sizing:

  1. Sized at  5 x 9 x 11, Jumbo Belgium Blocks are excellent for creating imposing and sturdy driveways, providing a bold visual impact. Available in black or pink with 100 to 105 pieces per pallet.

  2. Regulation Belgium Blocks are medium-sized, measuring approximately 4 x 5 x 9. They strike a balance between a traditional look and ease of handling, making them suitable for various landscaping projects. With 140 pieces per pallet, these Belgium Blocks are available in black or pink.

  3. Mini Belgium Blocks are the smallest of the family, with dimensions typically sized at 4 x 4 x 4. These blocks are perfect for creating intricate patterns, such as borders or accents, and are often used in walkways and garden features. 550 pieces per pallet in grey, black, or pink.

  4. Grey Landscapers are stocked only in one color with 225 pieces per pallet and sized at 4 x 4 x 8. These natural stone blocks are very attractive as a border or curbstone.

Different Colors 

  1. Grey: Grey Belgium Blocks are the most traditional and commonly used option. They exude a classic, timeless charm, and their neutral color complements a wide range of architectural styles and landscapes.

  2. Black: Black Belgium Blocks offer a darker, bolder color option. These blocks can add a touch of drama to your project and work well in contemporary or rustic settings.

  3. Pink: Pink Belgium Blocks bring warmth to your landscape with earthy tones. They are an excellent choice for creating inviting, cozy atmospheres and can be used to complement natural surroundings.

Belgium Blocks are prized for their ability to endure the test of time and lend character to outdoor spaces. When used for driveways, walkways, or borders, they add both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity to your landscaping projects. Your wholesale stone company can provide a range of Belgium Blocks in different sizes and colors to cater to diverse customer preferences and design needs.

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