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Meshoppen Stone, Inc.

Great People, Great Company

One of the largest quarries, fabricators, and wholesale suppliers of bluestone in the United States, Meshoppen Stone, Inc. services stone retailers, garden centers, architects, and contractors. West Mountain and Pennsylvania bluestone - a unique hard, quartzite sandstone - are extremely durable and  available in a variety of colors, making it a natural choice for commercial and residential projects, including patios, walkways, counter tops, stacked walls, veneer, pool coping, stair treads, and flooring. 

Founded more than 60 years ago, Meshoppen Stone, Inc.  is a family-owned business. Since day one, the company has been committed to expanding product inventory and fabrication facilities to meet the needs of their customers.  From a small business with a handful of employees, the company now employs more than 100 craftsmen, owns numerous quarries, operates on-site fabrication shops with gantry and wire saws, CNC waterjets, thin veneer cutters, and guillotine stone splitters. Our Meshoppen Transport trucking fleet ensures smooth deliveries across the United States.

Because Meshoppen Stone, Inc. has control over all the steps involved in supplying products to its customers - from stone extraction to final delivery - quality control is second to none, providing 100% customer satisfaction. The company's commitment to establishing long-term, loyal relationships with its customers has been the bedrock of our success.

Meshoppen Stone Quarry


Availability of materials is what sets us apart from most suppliers and fabricators resulting in sustainability and competitive pricing.

Fabrication of Stone


State of the art equipment and skilled craftsmen ensure quality production. On-site fabrication allows us to customize products.

Meshoppen Transport Trucks


Using our own trucks and drivers, lead times  are usually much shorter than most other suppliers without compromising the quality of our material.

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